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I trust that your January is off to a glorious start. Very soon, I will lead a seminar on “Resolutions” for the New Year. Rather than the usual definition of resolution—to make a promise or an oath—I will invite people to consider the musical definition. Mount Rainier - reflected in lake

In music, resolution means to bring something that is out of tune, discordant, or inharmonious into a state of being harmonious & in tune. In order to bring our lives back into a state of harmony, sometimes we have to let go of something else. Perhaps we need to let go of old habits, negative thinking, too many things or possessions, or life-draining relationships.

Here are some questions to ask yourself:

  • What is out of tune, or out of alignment, in your life right now?
  • What do you have to do to bring your life back into harmony?
  • What small step can you take today to resolve the discord in your life?

When you take a step away from discord, you take a step toward harmony.

May you enjoy the blessings of letting go, so that this year you can move in the direction of your dreams.

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I trust that your 2010 is off to a wonderful beginning. Last weekend, I led a workshop on the theme of “Resolutions” for the New Year. Instead of using the typical definition for resolutions, I invited folks to consider the musical definition. In music, resolutions means to bring something that is discordant, out of tune, or inharmonious into a state of being in tune & harmonious.

Then I asked a few questions:

–  What’s out of tune, or out of alignment, in your life right now?

–  How is this lack of alignment holding you back?

–  What must you give up to rebalance your life, to resolve what’s out of balance?

–  What one small step will you commit to today as your first step in resolving that imbalance in your life?

To prepare for new beginnings, we must often let go of something—old habits, patterns, things, relationships, or whatever it is that we no longer need in our lives.

May 2010 be the year that you dare to wear your soul on the outside & enjoy the blessings of gratitude, faith, love, vision, integrity, creative action, and legacy.

Pass It On!

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