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Time to enjoy a great recipe. No butter, sugar, eggs, or flour. In fact, it has no calories at all… yet it’s so refreshing!! Just think “HEART,” says Vera McEwen, fitness expert and cranio-sacral therapist. Follow this recipe daily for wellness, especially important during the busy holiday season:

Hydrate – drink plenty of water, at least 8 glasses a day. Reduce dehydration, confusion, and tension by getting enough water each day.

Exercise – start today, slowly at first then work up to 20 min. 4-5/week. Hey, even I can do this!

Awareness – increase your self awareness, which also increases your sense of presence and enjoying the gift of being in present moment.

Rest – the body needs an ample supply. We can all use a few extra zzzz’s.

Transform your mind – make healthy, life-affirming choices. Remember, whatever you choose today becomes your tomorrow.

Here’s to you—for the holidays.

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