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Peace and love.

Practice peace by breathing in peace. As you breathe in, simply say “Peace.” As you breathe out, say it again, “Peace.” Use your own words to usher in peace or use these: “Peace within me”… “Peace above me”… “Peace all around me”… “I am peace”… “I give you peace”… “Peace, peace, peace”… “Peace, laughter, love”…

Practice peace by listening to soothing, uplifting music.

Practice beat by listening to the beat of your own heart.

Practice peace by lying on the ground and gazing at the sky. Notice the clouds as they change shape. Years ago, I was lying on hillside in Scotland with the young man who would become my husband. We gazed at the sky for hours, staring at the clouds as they morphed into faces, butterflies, trees, animals. Even then, we marveled at the blessed companionship of peace and love.

Practice peace by lighting a candle or incense: as you do, say a prayer for peace for your loved ones, for your neighbors, for our leaders, for our forests, for the thousands of service men and women, for their family members, for orphans, for our rivers, streams, and oceans, for those who are without food, shelter, and hope, for those who are called to serve.

Peace and love to you and yours.

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During the past several weeks, I hit the pause button on my blog for some much-needed rest and relaxation. As you know, not too long ago I underwent surgery.  I was blessed to have a wonderful surgeon and care team. And being in the embrace of the Great Physician, I know I’m always in excellent hands.

Today, I’m delighted to report that I’m mending well and counting my blessings… BIG time… because today:

– It’s spring in the Pacific Northwest.

– There are so many flowers are already in bloom—lovely grape hyacinth, fragrant daffodils, forsythia, and early-blooming pink and purple rhododendrons. One of our earliest bloomers is aptly called Christmas Cheer!

– I went to the beach and witnessed wave after wave of deep-blue breakers fueled by a crisp, cold wind barreling down from Canada.

– I sing hallelujah and thank you!! I’m thrilled to be alive. Not only am I mending well, I’m richly blessed by so many wonderful folks in my life—my husband, daughter, mom, sisters, nieces, nephew, uncles, aunts, students, neighbors, clients, coworkers, and even total strangers… people who consistently make time in their busy day to call, send a note, say a prayer… to encourage me and lift me up. xoxo – I’m humbled and blessed that you’re in my life.

Pass It On!

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