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In his letter to the Hebrews, Saint Paul declares that faith is “the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.” Anthurium

More recently,  South African theologian and missionary leader Andrew Murray describes faith as a sixth sense. “Just as we have our [five] senses, through which we hold communication with the physical universe, so faith is the spiritual sense or organ through which the soul comes into contact with and is affected by the spiritual world.” Through this spiritual organ, we have the privilege of communing with the mystery and magnificence of God.

As Paul assures us, the marvelous tapestry of faith is threaded with confidence and evidence of the invisible.  To be sure, this faith is also threaded with fear, doubt, confusion, and, ultimately, surrender.

As our world becomes more chaotic and uncertain, we are called to be ambassadors of light, love, and faith. Ask yourself: What must I let go of, so that I can lean into faith that is confident and sure?

Sending you love, light, peace, and joy in this holiest of seasons.

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Feeling a little edgy, tense, stressed lately? Try some time outdoors…. Taking a leisurely walk through a quiet park, forest, or beside your favorite stream or lake lowers stress. Being outdoors away from noise provides a healthy dose of natural medicine that can lower the level of the stress hormone cortisol. Being outdoors in a peaceful setting can also increase the amount of cancer-fighting proteins in your bloodstream. Bonus—the benefits last for up to a week!

Too busy for a walk outdoors? No worries—just by gazing at a natural setting, you can lower stress. You can even enjoy the stress-reducing, cancer-fighting benefits by taking a few minutes to relax, close your eyes, and recall a calm, peaceful setting.

Invite peace and tranquility into your life—your friends and loved ones will thank you for it.

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As I reflect the many people–parents, sisters, grandparents, aunts, uncles, friends, & neighbors–who poured blessings into my life, I think about the power & blessings of family… the power and blessing of community. It didn’t matter if the folks in my community were related to me or not, I fondly hold them in my heart as members of my Personal Village.

What if we offered ourselves as ally and guide to others–as steward in the Personal Village of someone we love and beyond?

– Because when we open ourselves to others, we invite them into our lives, which opens the window of collaboration… and to celebrating the people in our midst and beyond.

– Because when we celebrate and lift others up, it becomes easier to address challenges in relationships, communities, and the world around us.

– Because when we reach out to address challenges, we create a golden pathway that leads to opportunity, creativity, and possibility.

– Because when we set our table with the feast of possibility, we provide bread for the journey for those who suffer adversity and calamity.

– Because when we honor and respect those who suffer and those who are vulnerable, we extend compassion, sanctuary, and peace.

– Because when we tender peace, we pour loving balm into small and great injuries and wounds-our own and others’.

Each moment, a ray of light. Each conversation, a gesture of hope. Each day, another prayer, another stitch. And so, we mend our world.

Mighty blessings to you… and to the keepers in your Personal Village.

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