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In most sports, the difference between making it to the finish line and making it into the record books is less than a second. In fact, more often than not, it’s milliseconds.

Yes, You Can!

Yes, You Can!

The small difference between good and great is also true in many other areas of life and work.

It’s certainly true for speakers. By speakers I mean parents, teachers, coaches, salespeople, trainers, mentors, doctors, nurses, attorneys, as well as professional platform and keynote speakers.

What separates good speakers from great speakers? Leadership. Does this surprise you? It shouldn’t, because everything depends on leadership, including speaking–and this is true whether you are speaking to your children or to a room full of people.

How do you know if you have what it takes to be a great speaker? Here are a few questions to ask yourself:

•  As a speaker, your chief goal is to influence people. How well do you influence and lead yourself?
•  People want to hear speakers who are fired up and passionate. Do you care about your message?
•  Great speakers are masters of nuance. How do you make use of non-verbal communication and silence?

Great speakers master their material and they master themselves, which allows them to instinctively know when to adjust their message in order to meet the audience right where they are.

Did you know that when you teach and mentor others, you actually learn your material even better? Why? Because when you teach something you’re passionate about, you want to ensure that what you pass on is accurate, insightful, and meaningful.

Becoming great at anything takes time and practice. Practice with commitment, diligence, and patience. Over time, consistent practice becomes habit, and good habits can lead to mastery. It will not happen overnight. In fact, it will take years. Many years. There is no other way. But if you’re diligent, it will happen!

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What separates great leaders from average leaders? Is it years of experience, a degree from a top-notch university, or an impressive title?

It’s none of these things.

Lead from Within

Lead from Within

The difference between average and great leaders begins long before they assume the mantle of leadership. In fact, you can be a great leader even if you do not have a leadership title or position.

How is that possible? Because great leadership begins from within. It begins with who you are. Who you are when no one else is looking. Your core values and how you act on those values will distinguish you as a leader—every single time.

How do you know if you have what it takes to be a great leader? Here are a few questions to ask yourself:

  • What do you value most about yourself?
  • Do you go along with the crowd—even when you know in your heart that you should choose differently?
  • Do you consistently look out for the best interests of others?

Great leaders have these things in common: self-awareness, core values that guide their choices and actions, and giving to others what they have received. Great leaders are also intentional. They look within first and are focused on living with purpose and passion.

So, ask yourself: What one thing can I do today to be more intentional?

May you enjoy the blessings of increasing your awareness each day… and reaching out to help someone else do the same—just a sampling of the many blessings of leadership.

I’d love to hear from you. Tell me about leaders you admire—in your family, in your community, or at work. Use the comment section below or let’s start a conversation on Twitter! Follow me on Twitter and Facebook to continue the conversation! Twitter: https://twitter.com/gloriaburgess Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/drgloriaburgessPhD. And feel free to learn more about me and Jazz, Inc. by checking out my website: http://gloriaburgess.com/index.html. Have a fantastic week!

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Years ago, when I lived in Detroit, one of my family’s Saturday rituals was going to the Farmer’s Market. There we’d encounter a sensual feast… bushels of sweet corn, juicy ripe tomatoes, peas, beans, melons, cukes, and greens galore–collard, mustard, kale, and turnip! And, if we were lucky, there was some kind of surprise. So when a friend shared this video, it took me back to that wonderful, old market. And…I even found a thrilling surprise. Enjoy!

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Begin with yourself.

Your life is your great masterpiece.

Love invites you to paint on the canvas of your life… love dares you wear your soul on the outside. Self-love means saying YES to your own agenda and loving yourself with the same intensity and immensity that you reserve for others. Unconditional self-love is the basis for loving and serving others. The reality is you cannot honor and love others unless you can honor, love, and respect yourself.

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Join me and four other community leaders for a dialogue about navigating today’s challenges with hope and optimism. Community leaders include Gloria Burgess, author, poet, and leadership consultant; Jerry Large, Seattle Times Columnist; Peter Morgan, Executive VP of Group Health; Maria Ramirez, Executive Director of Compaña Quetzal, and Michael Ramos, Executive Director of the Church Council of Greater Seattle. (more…)

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What do Maya Angelou, Abraham Lincoln, Nelson Mandela, and William Faulkner have in common?

Each of them took a stand for what they believed and changed history by doing so. Each stood up for their own or others’ rights during times when the society around them said, “No, you can’t do that.” They all dared to wear their soul on the outside.

Maya Angelou wrote the first in her series of books about her life–finding the beauty and majesty of her own voice as a woman, poet, and social artist; Lincoln stood against slavery and pulled together a team of unlikely rivals to maintain the integrity of the United States when it all the forces seemed to want to tear it apart. Nelson Mandela stood against apartheid in South Africa, spent almost 30 years in prison, and emerged to an instrument for a new social order. William Faulkner stood against racism in the American South and helped my father, Earnest McEwen, Jr., and other Blacks, get equal access to higher education.

When you find your passion and calling, you too can stand against those around you who tell you “no,” who may discourage you, who lack faith in you. You, too, can say “Yes, I Dared and I Did It!”

Who influenced you and helped you find your passion and calling? How are you using the power of your passion to stand for what you believe in and to be of service to others?

I’m collecting new stories about ordinary people who take a stand for what they believe. I’d love to hear from you. Please share one of your “Yes, I Dared and I Did It!” stories with me and forward this post to others so they can share one of their stories, too.

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