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What the world needs now is love in all of its diverse expressions—empathy, compassion, mercy, forgiveness, passion, gratitude, kindness. Who will you say “I love you” to today? What word of encouragement will you whisper in their ear? Who will you feed with your smile? What a difference love makes.

Here are just a few of our sisters and brothers who have made a difference through the power of love.

Tina Allen •  Ella Baker •  Josephine Baker  •  Mary McLeod Bethune •  John E. Fetzer •  Mary Jane Gillespie  • 
Dr. Eva Jessye  •  Jesus  •   Helen Keller  •   Coretta Scott King •  Denise Klein •  Abraham Lincoln  •   Dr. Wangari Maathai •  Nelson Mandela   •   Earnest McEwen, Jr. •  Michelle Obama •  Julieanna Richardson •  Albert Schweitzer •   Mother Teresa  •  Archbishop Desmond Tutu  •  Tamara Woodbury

Tell me, what difference is your love making today?

Pass It On!


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“At 211 degrees, water is hot. At 212 degrees, it boils.” With these words, S.L. Parker opens his lovely little book: 212°: The Extra Degree. Parker goes on to say that “…with boiling water comes steam. And with steam, you can power a train.” What a difference that one degree can make.

The power of one.

Here are some of our sisters and brothers who understood the power of one… and the power of Passing It On!

Louis Armstrong • Neil Armstrong

Johann S. Bach •  Ella Baker

Mary McLeod Bethune

George Washington Carver

Cave Canem •  Albert Einstein

Elizabeth Mumbet Freeman

Mahatma Gandhi •  Billy Graham

Martha Graham •  James Weldon Johnson Helen Keller •  John F. Kennedy

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. •  Abraham Lincoln •  Nelson Mandela •  Mildred Blackmon McEwen

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart •  Jackie Robinson • Jonas Salk  •  Albert Schweitzer

Harriett Beecher Stowe •  Sojourner Truth •  Harriet Tubman •  Phyllis Wheatley

All of these folks were supported by a great multitude of kindred souls–who worked together…. sometimes in spite of themselves… to make that one degree of difference. Tell me, what difference are making with your power of one?

Pass It On!

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What do Maya Angelou, Abraham Lincoln, Nelson Mandela, and William Faulkner have in common?

Each of them took a stand for what they believed and changed history by doing so. Each stood up for their own or others’ rights during times when the society around them said, “No, you can’t do that.” They all dared to wear their soul on the outside.

Maya Angelou wrote the first in her series of books about her life–finding the beauty and majesty of her own voice as a woman, poet, and social artist; Lincoln stood against slavery and pulled together a team of unlikely rivals to maintain the integrity of the United States when it all the forces seemed to want to tear it apart. Nelson Mandela stood against apartheid in South Africa, spent almost 30 years in prison, and emerged to an instrument for a new social order. William Faulkner stood against racism in the American South and helped my father, Earnest McEwen, Jr., and other Blacks, get equal access to higher education.

When you find your passion and calling, you too can stand against those around you who tell you “no,” who may discourage you, who lack faith in you. You, too, can say “Yes, I Dared and I Did It!”

Who influenced you and helped you find your passion and calling? How are you using the power of your passion to stand for what you believe in and to be of service to others?

I’m collecting new stories about ordinary people who take a stand for what they believe. I’d love to hear from you. Please share one of your “Yes, I Dared and I Did It!” stories with me and forward this post to others so they can share one of their stories, too.

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