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This holiday season, I give thanks for my daughter who at 24 still enjoys the simple pleasures of hanging out with me and her dad. Now in the last year of her graduate program, she didn’t think she’d be able to make it home from Boston this year for Christmas. By the grace of God, she did. And we’re delighted.

When I asked for her advice about my “Feel Good Tuesday post, she said, “Oh, you should write about family—how wonderful it is to see and spend time with family members. And the importance of appreciating and sharing our love for one another, especially older family members while they can still enjoy your presence.

I’m so grateful for the many evenings we’ve enjoyed snuggled around the fireplace, catching up on our lives, sharing stories and photos, playing games, or dreaming about the year ahead. Sometimes, we gather around the piano and sing… or we round up other instruments and play music together. I imagine other households and muse about the wonderful dreams being shared between moms and daughters, fathers and sons, brothers and sisters. The kind of dreams that connect one heart to another around the kitchen table and across the miles.

As you reflect on the holidays, I trust that the one gift you remember is the gift of family—the gift of giving and receiving love.

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