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Still on the mend from my recent fall… so I’ve had even more time to think about bringing my life back into balance. Here’s one:

Work is work, not your life. With so many time-saving resources at our fingertips, it’s tempting to want to stay virtually connected simply because we can. To resist being seduced by technology, be intentional about creating a boundary between work and your precious leisure and personal time.

2 Friends in the Leaves

When you’re with your family and friends, connect with them not with your laptop or e-book reader. When you go for a walk, leave your cell phone in your office or at home. If you must have it with you, then turn your phone off. And be sure to.. smile with a child, toss some leaves in the air, and smell the roses.

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Want to feel good–today & every day?

It’s  simple.

Expect to be amazed by regular folks, by ordinary events, in everyday places… while you make morning coffee, when you pick up your paper, as you greet your bus driver, when you take your kids to the park.

Each day live & love with a sense of:

– gratitude… begin by thanking the folks who love & support you… embrace it as a lifestyle—every day

– wonder… look at the world through the eyes of a child & say ahhh/awe

– abundance… know that there’s enough of everything for everyone

– curiosity… learn something new today & every day

– no worries… put the squeeze on bad news & turn your lemons into lemonade

– adventure… take a different route home today & tomorrow… tell somebody

– service… do something for someone else today without any expectation of reward

– new beginnings… accidentally step on someone’s toes? say I’m sorry & ask only—what’s possible NOW

Take a page from my good friend Madge. The other day she confided, “You know when my kids where younger, I was too busy making a living to teach them these things, but it’s not too late to teach my grandchildren.”

And I said, You Go Girl!

The truly wealthy are those who give until it feels good.

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gloriaburgess Celebrate what’s good in the world.

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