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I’ve heard Wintley Phipps sing Amazing Grace many times, so much so that his astounding singing and insightful commentary have become inseparable. Wintley’s stirring offering of this spiritual is a classic, a marvelous gift of legacy living. Listen and be blessed.

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This post is by Vera McEwen. Thanks for sharing your heart, Sis.

Legacy Living…  and Dare to Wear Your Soul on the Outside, these books in addition to the your wonderful workshops guide and inspire me.

Leaving my job of nearly 20 years to home school and open a CranioSacral Therapy (CST) practice was a huge leap of faith. We are heading into our sixth amazing year and I am thrilled! Thank you for the spur :o).


We have our times of stress and we’ve found that spending time in nature removes all stress.

Not to long ago we had a very stressful week! We’d finally settled into our new home after the third move in less than a year; the practice…very busy; my daughter Adrianna however, was feeling a bit left out.

I did not know it at the time, but a mini-break to the country was just what we needed. As we began to leave the city, I rolled the windows down, the fresh smell of hay, and greenness filled the car. As we left the car to walk toward the horses, peace surrounded us guiding us toward two lovely horses. Mmm… it was so nice to feel the warmth of their skin next to mine, and they took all tension out of my hands, arms, shoulders, neck, head, and spine. I was engulfed in a sea of horse hair, it tickled my nose, and made me smile. We tacked up and rode.

Adrianna, was initially at odds with her lovely black and white paint horse. Then as the tension and stress of the week passed, she became one with her horse. It is amazing to watch someone transform from rider to whisperer. She was amazing. Many thanks to Michele Deboer, she offers lessons and de-stress days for only $20 per person. She creates a safe environment; it is slow, peaceful, gentle, relaxing, and most of all healthy for horse and rider. I recommend her place to all who need a gentle break (kids, family, friends, etc).

God has placed us in the care of nature for a reason, that WE may be transformed by it. Nature, easily removes the stress of your week by allowing you to remember who you are and “whose you are!” Get out in nature, walk on the soil and leave the pavement behind; let sand surround your toes; tilt your head back, feel the fresh air against your face; and…breath…breath in…fill your lungs with…light.

That night, Adrianna peacefully lay in my arms. We said the Lords prayer in Latin… together… I stroked her lovely face, long hair and I felt, God’s peace surround me.

We are here to love one another. Hug your child, spouse, friend… and let him or her be the first to let go. Tell a friend thank you for kick starting your day with a jog. Hold hands with your loved ones and feel the warmth of their skin. Let others see you do these things so that they will know whose you are!

I love you all. May your day be filled with love.

May you be blessed on this liquid sunshine day.

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Each of us has been summoned to become a person unique in all the world. Just as every snowflake and flower is unique, so are you.

Bird of Paradise.Gloria Burgess

No one else is like you and no one else can contribute to the world what you were specifically designed to contribute.

Dancing visionary and pioneer Martha Graham likens dancing to the art of living. Both require years of practice and development. In her autobiography Blood Memory, Graham points out that we “learn to dance by practicing dancing” and we “learn to live by practicing living.”

For dancing and for living, that practice requires thousands of repetitions. Day in and day out. To learn and master walking, talking, and feeding yourself—complex skills that we take for granted—requires several years of practice.

In your life’s journey—or your life’s performance—some of the most important questions that you ask and grapple with may be questions about your legacy.

Questions to ask include: How do I want to be known… and remembered? What is the rhythm, or presence, of legacy in my life? What choices do I make each day to live my legacy here and now? What or who do I believe in so deeply and passionately that I will make enormous sacrifices for it?

Host these questions as you would a special guest in your home. Pay attention, but avoid hovering over them. In time, the questions will take up residence in your heart, and they will reveal their secrets to you. They will become your teacher and guide as you keep your eyes on the great prize of your life.

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Gratitude is about giving thanks and appreciation. At its core, gratitude is about relationship, about our deep regard for the past, present, and future… and the people who offer us the gift of loving kindness*.

As you think about those who have come before you, give thanks, for you are in the place you are today because of their sacrifices, triumphs, struggles, and achievements. As stewards and guardians, they paved the road for you so you can live the life you do and enjoy its bounty. Celebrate them and allow yourself into that place of the eternal. Then reflect on how the path you walk, which began with your ancestors, will be a legacy for yourself… and pave the way for the future generations.

Take a moment to call or jot a note to an aunt, an uncle, your grandfather, or grandmother. Express your gratitude and your love.

* Deep gratitude to my sister, Vera, who took this lovely photo and gave me permission to post it here. Thanks also to my niece and mom, the young girl and elder in the photo, which Vera aptly calls “Heaven on Earth.”

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Among Dr. King’s many commitments, he was profoundly committed to community and service. To this end, Dr. King encouraged us to ask ourselves: What are you doing for others?

During the past ten years, I’ve hosted tributes to honor the legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.–the icon and the man. Each year, a lovely community gathers in the Seattle area at a place called Third Place Commons.

Each year is different yet connected to previous years by the bond of community. One year I featured videos of Dr. King’s remarkable speeches and marches, and I led the audience in singing civil rights songs, call and responses style. Everyone beamed—children, elders, and those in between. Another year, we drew on our collective imagination to create a gigantic moving sculpture to reflect our vision of the Beloved Community. A few years ago, I recruited teachers and students in local schools to create a program featuring student work. They sang, danced, read their own poetry, and to our utter amazement constructed a marvelous oversized portrait of Dr. King before our very eyes. Using 8.5 x 11 “tiles,” each with some part of Dr. King’s face, the students silently positioned their tiles into a frame, creating a lovely mosaic of Dr. King. for several weeks, we left in on display. That year, in addition to creating their wonderful program, I invited the teachers and students to extend their learning about Dr. King and the many other warriors of the Civil Rights Movement. I invited them to commit to learning about this vital aspect of our nation’s history as a living, enduring part of their day-to-day curriculum.

There are so many ways to serve. Mine is to do what I can with I have where I am… to build community—through poetry, conversation, singing, laughter, art, dance, encouragement, and education.

Tell me, what’s yours?

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“On the ninth day of Christmas, my true love gave to me—nine ladies dancing.”

In this season of blessings, I’m celebrating the 12 Days of Christmas by sharing some of my blessings with you. Yes, I’m still giving away copies of my books and CDs, and free coaching sessions as a way of saying THANK YOU for your abiding faith and support.

Today, December 21, the first nine people who send an e-mail with the subject line “The 9th Day of Christmas” will receive a complimentary copy of my best-selling book, Legacy Living and a CD of Journey of the Rose. Please use this address: Day9@gloriaburgesscom.

Wishing you a joyous holiday season and wondrous New Year!

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“On the third day of Christmas, my true love gave to me–three French hens…”

In this season of blessings, I’m celebrating the 12 Days of Christmas by sharing some of my blessings with you. Each day for the next 12 days, I’ll give away copies of my books and CDs, and a coaching session as a way of saying THANK YOU for your abiding faith and support.

Today, December 15, the first three people who send an e-mail with the subject line “The Third Day of Christmas” will receive a copy of my best-selling book Legacy Living. Please use this address: Day3@gloriaburgesscom.

Wishing you a joyous holiday season and wondrous New Year!

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