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I trust that your 2011 is off to a wonderful beginning!

As the New Year approached, I found myself in the ER with a nasty gash on my forehead along with assorted bruises and sprains. Not exactly how I’d planned to welcome in the next 12 months. So instead of thinking about the usual resolutions for the year ahead, I simply counted my blessings: Thank you for family and friends. Thank you… that my fall wasn’t more serious. No concussion, no broken bones or teeth. Thank you for wonderful doctors and nurses who devote themselves to providing excellent care—even into the wee hours when most of us are snug in our beds.

My resolutions for this year? You can bet that I’ll watch my step! I also promised to let go of a few things and to give myself a periodic tune up to bring my life back into balance. Here are some of the questions I will ask myself today and throughout the year.

–  What activities, tasks, and things no longer suit me or serve me well at this stage of my life?

–  What’s out of balance, or out of tune, in my life right now?

–  How is this lack of balance holding me back?

–  What must I give up to rebalance my life, to resolve what’s out of balance?

–  What one action will I commit to today as my first step in resolving the imbalance in my life?

To prepare for new beginnings, we must often let go of something—old habits, patterns, things, relationships, or whatever it is that we no longer need in our lives. What must you let go of this year so that something brand new can be born?

May 2011 be an extraordinary year for you. And may it be the year that you dare to take charge of your life… the year you dare to live with passion, purpose, and presence… the year you dare wear your soul on the outside. May you bask in the bountiful blessings of gratitude, love, faith, courage, vision, and integrity, and may your creativity blossom this year and beyond.

Pass It On!


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Your life is a poem, a mighty spiritual, a testimony of gratitude, faith, and love. And this letter is a celebration of you.

Your road has been long; your journey has not been easy. Bigotry and prejudice fortified you, teaching you how to love even more deeply and how to see not just with your anatomical eyes, but also to see with the eyes of your heart. Greatest of all, you relied on God’s love and strength rather than your own. In this you gave me the gift of faith and unconditional love for myself and others.

You also gave me what my sister-friend and fellow poet Nikky Finney would say is the gift of being “a woman with keys.” A woman with keys moves in a particular way and she has a responsibility, an obligation to help others find theirs, help them move through their rooms, cross their thresholds, unlock their windows and doors on the journey to claim their destiny, their promise, their legacy.

I remember as a little girl, you gave me the precious gift of encouragement. When you said over and again, “Be all that God intended you to be—no matter what, come what may.” I now offer that gift back to my daughter, other family members, my students, clients, and friends.

I remember your humility and sacrifice. For many long years you and Daddy toiled and sacrificed so that my sisters and I could have a better life than the ones you’d known. I remember your and Dad’s Mississippi stories of struggle and strife, of Dad’s deep longing to go to college to better himself and improve our lot, of him working as a janitor at Ole Miss and there, by the grace of God, William Faulkner came into his life and paid for Dad to attend Alcorn A&M College, with no strings attached. I remember you working as a cook in the nursery to help make ends meet, Dad’s working at low-paying jobs even with his college degree. I remember you both standing on your rock-solid values of hard work, gratitude, faith, love, and integrity.

I also remember you teaching me that we making a living by what we choose as our work or profession, and we make a life by what we do for others. For this and so much more, I thank you.

Love ~ Your Daughter, Gloria

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I trust that your 2010 is off to a wonderful beginning. Last weekend, I led a workshop on the theme of “Resolutions” for the New Year. Instead of using the typical definition for resolutions, I invited folks to consider the musical definition. In music, resolutions means to bring something that is discordant, out of tune, or inharmonious into a state of being in tune & harmonious.

Then I asked a few questions:

–  What’s out of tune, or out of alignment, in your life right now?

–  How is this lack of alignment holding you back?

–  What must you give up to rebalance your life, to resolve what’s out of balance?

–  What one small step will you commit to today as your first step in resolving that imbalance in your life?

To prepare for new beginnings, we must often let go of something—old habits, patterns, things, relationships, or whatever it is that we no longer need in our lives.

May 2010 be the year that you dare to wear your soul on the outside & enjoy the blessings of gratitude, faith, love, vision, integrity, creative action, and legacy.

Pass It On!

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Our ultimate destination is not perfection, but wholeness, to become fully human and at home in our skin.

Integrity simply means embracing and honoring all of your diverse facets—acknowledging your beauty and brilliance as well as those areas where have blind spots. Integrity says, “I claim all aspects of my nature–the good, the bad, and the ugly. Integrity also say, it’s OK to be me… and to keep on putting one foot in front of the other as I work to improve myself and be of service to others.

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The 7 Sacred Promises are tools to help you in all areas of your life: your personal growth, relationships with loved ones and co-workers, raising healthy, happy children. The Sacred Promises are gratitude, faith, love, vision, integrity, creative action, and legacy.

Each one will help you as you begin to say YES to a life of freedom, fulfillment, and joy. Follow Me on Twitter

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Given the daily dose of dire and depressing economic news, it’s not surprising that we tend to feel somewhat depressed as well. The signs include low energy and a general sense of fatigue and inertia. To remedy these ill effects, here is a practical, can-do tip to help you rise above the gray clouds of our gloomy economy and restore a sense of balance and perspective.

  • Take stock of what matters. Be honest with yourself. Distinguish between what you want and what you really need. Do you really need that second cup of coffee, another pair of shoes, the latest electronic gizmo? Probably not. Rather than focus on your wants, reach out to someone else who is truly in need. Write a card or send a small care package to young person in a group home for foster care or a man or woman who is serving our country overseas.

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Dare to Wear Your Soul on the Outside

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Join me and four other community leaders for a dialogue about navigating today’s challenges with hope and optimism. Community leaders include Gloria Burgess, author, poet, and leadership consultant; Jerry Large, Seattle Times Columnist; Peter Morgan, Executive VP of Group Health; Maria Ramirez, Executive Director of Compaña Quetzal, and Michael Ramos, Executive Director of the Church Council of Greater Seattle. (more…)

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