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Last Sunday, I was a guest minister at a Seattle church. The people were very warm, welcoming, and open, and I felt very much at home. Responding to the pastor’s invitation to move from our pews to greet people we didn’t know, we joyously engaged in “radical hospitality.” How could he have known I’d be writing a post about this very topic?!

Children Sharing.Gloria Burgess.Radical Hospitality

What is radical hospitality? It’s genuine kindness and generosity not because you know someone; it’s kindness and generosity just because.

– Because we are in love with God… and we see and experience God’s love in others.

– Because we are our sister’s and brother’s keepers.

– Because we share a home – this great blue and green marble we call planet Earth – and we want others to feel welcome in our home.

– Because we must care for our home  so that, as gracious stewards, we pass on a worthy inheritance to our children and our children’s children.

– Because we must be about legacy living, about planting trees whose shade we might never enjoy.

The greatest force on earth is not compulsion of law. It is compassion of love. ~ Unknown

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