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Our culture wants us to believe that our physical appearance is the only barometer of health. The truth is that authentic health is about living our lives from the inside out. This means recognizing the importance of our spiritual, mental, and emotional health, all of which impact our physical health.


When we buy into a limited vision of health, we compromise ourselves… we settle for a life that is too small for us… and, sometimes, we even jeopardize our long-term health and wellness for short-term gains.

Every day we are billboards for our daughters and sons, not to mention other women. As nurturers and care givers, we are one of the most powerful forces on the planet. Who we are and what we do affects our loved ones here and now, and our choices create a ripple effect that will impact our children, our children’s children, and generations beyond. So, ask yourself: Will I be a billboard for compromise and betrayal, or will I be a billboard for faithfulness… and for creating a legacy of true health and wellness for myself and for those I love?

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Time to enjoy a great recipe. No butter, sugar, eggs, or flour. In fact, it has no calories at all… yet it’s so refreshing!! Just think “HEART,” says Vera McEwen, fitness expert and cranio-sacral therapist. Follow this recipe daily for wellness, especially important during the busy holiday season:

Hydrate – drink plenty of water, at least 8 glasses a day. Reduce dehydration, confusion, and tension by getting enough water each day.

Exercise – start today, slowly at first then work up to 20 min. 4-5/week. Hey, even I can do this!

Awareness – increase your self awareness, which also increases your sense of presence and enjoying the gift of being in present moment.

Rest – the body needs an ample supply. We can all use a few extra zzzz’s.

Transform your mind – make healthy, life-affirming choices. Remember, whatever you choose today becomes your tomorrow.

Here’s to you—for the holidays.

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Feeling a little edgy, tense, stressed lately? Try some time outdoors…. Taking a leisurely walk through a quiet park, forest, or beside your favorite stream or lake lowers stress. Being outdoors away from noise provides a healthy dose of natural medicine that can lower the level of the stress hormone cortisol. Being outdoors in a peaceful setting can also increase the amount of cancer-fighting proteins in your bloodstream. Bonus—the benefits last for up to a week!

Too busy for a walk outdoors? No worries—just by gazing at a natural setting, you can lower stress. You can even enjoy the stress-reducing, cancer-fighting benefits by taking a few minutes to relax, close your eyes, and recall a calm, peaceful setting.

Invite peace and tranquility into your life—your friends and loved ones will thank you for it.

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Next  Sunday is my birthday! I’m throwing myself a party—to celebrate another year here.  My party is all about saying YES!

YES! After fully recuperating from surgery, I’m walking again. I include several intervals of 2-3 minute “power bursts,” to burn a few more calories and pamper my heart.

YES! I’m eating more oatmeal, because it tastes good and because it’s good for my heart. A touch of cinnamon makes it even better and helps keep my LDL cholesterol in check.

YES! I’m drinking my 8-10 glasses of water every day. When I have my occasional cup of coffee, I can hear my sister, Vera, whisper in my ear as she flashes her lovely smile—“OK, Glo, add one glass of water for every cuppa Joe.” She’s one of the most fit women on the planet, so I listen and drink up.

YES! I’m coming up on my 57th birthday. Just a few weeks before his 57th,  my father passed away from cancer of colon, liver, and pancreas. So I celebrate this year as a tribute to my dad, Earnest McEwen, Jr.,  and to myself–for beating the odds.  YES!

Say YES to taking excellent care of yourself. You’re the only one who can.

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Here’s a great recipe for health & resilience. Cranio-sacral therapist, Vera McEwen, recommends something we can all benefit from any time, especially in these challenging times. It’s even simple to remember. Just think “HEART,” which means:

Hydrate – drink plenty of water, at least 8 glasses a day

Exercise – start today, slowly at first then work up to 20  min. 4-5/week

Awareness – increase your self awareness

Rest – the body needs an ample supply

Transform your mind – make healthy, life-affirming choices

Pass it on! Good times are ahead.

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Dr. James T. Brown provides an excellent overview of Dr. John Medina‘s new book, Brain Rules. Read his review on Basil & Spice, a wonderful web site featuring author and book reviews on healthy life styles.  I recently had the good fortune to speak on the same program as Dr. Medina, who spoke for almost an hour on a very complex topic. He was witty, insightful, & engaging…in a winning presentation, supported by a winning book.

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There’s an interesting article titled, “Mind Over Matters Through Meditation” by Catherine Guthrie. She shows us the importance of making time for yourself – even if it’s only a few minutes day. I believe meditation is important because it helps you slow down, breathe in what nourishes you, and breathe out what’s bad for you. Don’t you owe it to yourself to slow down, breathe in kindness and hope, and breathe out anger, frustration, fear, or whatever else you need to let go of?

Dare to do it–take a few minutes right now and meditate. You’ll do something good for yourself… and others.

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