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Autumn as Teacher Supports Us as We Practice Surrender:

Autumn Leaves.Gloria Burgess

Surrender.Gloria Burgess.Feel Good Tuesday

Give up your need to be right. Lean into curiosity – your own. Let your guard down, relax, & see where it takes you.

Give up your need to know it all… or even to know anything at all. Be open to beneficial surprise.

Let go of your need to have “the” answer. Let someone else respond. Let someone else find out. Deepen your appreciation for wonder, discovery, & leaning into mystery.

–  Give up your need to make others wrong. Notice what holds you back. Don’t judge yourself. Simply notice… be gentle with yourself & practice choosing differently next time around.

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It’s that time of year again—spring, when the world seems brand new again. And the greening trees remind us that it’s time to spruce things up a bit. Here are a few things you can do today.

  • Pick just one thing to focus on—the “junk” drawer in your kitchen, a closet, or even a corner of a room.
  • Set a timer for 30 minutes. Doing so will keep you focused and efficient. OK, go!
  • Put anything you don’t need or want in a bag or box to recycle or give away.
  • If it’s difficult for you to let go of some things, ask yourself: Does someone else need this more than I do? The answer is usually yes, so go ahead and make someone else’s day!
  • When the timer chimes, you’re done.
  • Now, make a date with yourself for a 30-minute fling next week.
  • Celebrate yourself: take a walk, ride your bike, sip a cup of your favorite tea, pick some spring flowers, call a friend.
  • In just a few weeks, you’ll be amazed at how organized things are and how great you feel.

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Don’t put off clearing your clutter until the New Year. Begin today with these simple strategies.

  • Set a timer for 30 minutes. Focus on just one room, closet, or that “everything” drawer. If you choose a room, narrow your focus to a single area in the room. Doing so will keep you focused and efficient. No cheating. When the timer chimes, you’re done. For now. Make a date with yourself to have a clearing party once a week.
  • Next month, invite your family to party with you—for 30 minutes. Celebrate by playing a game together.
  • If you’re like me and you find it hard to get rid of some things, ask yourself: Do I love it? If yes, then ask yourself: Will I use it again?
  • If yes, ask if you’ll use it in the next 3 months? If you still say yes, then ask: Can someone else use it?
  • This last question is the kicker for me. It’s THE question that will force me to put that nifty basket, cellophane-swaddled candle, or some other unused treasure in a box to give away to someone else.

Clear your clutter—today. Not only will you be glad you did, you’ll also make someone else happy. Oh, Happy (uncluttered) Holidays!

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A few months ago, a friend and fellow poet asked me in so many words if I ever got tired of being so positive…. lifting up others. I said no. Even so, there are times when I yearn for an uplifting embrace from others. Just because. Right now especially.

A couple of weeks ago I underwent surgery; I’m still on the mend. I’ve received many uplifting calls, notes, poems, stories… and welcome yours if wish to share.

Right now, I’m grateful for so many and so much. Here are just a few:

–  Before, during, and now after my surgery, my husband and soul mate has been my friend, lover, confidante, and companion. John and I have enjoyed the glorious blessing of a legacy relationship. This July, we’ll celebrate 35 years of marriage. At the moment, he’s partnering with me to teach my weekly leadership class at our church until I’m well enough to do so.

–  My daughter Quinn, a grad student at Boston U who works full-time while pursuing for her MFA… and sometimes struggles to makes ends meet. As you know, it’s tough out there. Through it all, she embodies what it means to wear your soul on the outside. Shortly after my surgery, she called from Boston; she told me she loved me and that she wanted to send me flowers. But when she did the math the charges for shipping, handling, delivery, and taxes exceeded the cost of the flowers. I told her that she’d already given me flowers; she’d called to express her love.

– A month or so before my surgery, a friend who had been a physician’s assistant reminded me to take good care of myself before, during, and after surgery. Her blessings were many, including four words that have become a kind of poem: rest, heal, recover, discover. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve thought of her and her blessing.

– To strengthen myself—spiritually, emotionally, and so many other ways, I checked out a few CDs and books from my library; to support one of my favorite independent bookshops, I also bought a few books as part of my Super Enriched Soul Food Diet. These past few days, I’ve sipped and dined on lovely music and words, including Have a Little Faith by Mitch Albom. Like people, books come into our lives for a reason. This little book offered me the gift of reminiscing about one of my old stomping grounds—Detroit, Michigan… and embracing folks whose circumstances may be vastly different than yours, but whose challenges, hopes, and dreams might as well be identical… and witnessing someone struggle with faith until that ember glows strong and vibrant once again.

– There are so many other women and men in my Personal Village who deserve a mention. You’re sure to hear about some of them in upcoming posts. Stay tuned.

For now, thanks for tuning in… and for holding me in your hearts and prayers.

Great blessings of love and joy.

Pass It On!

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