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Fall is my favorite season, a time of bounty, beauty, turbulence, transformation, perpetuation, and possibility. It’s also a season that invites solitude, reflection, and gratitude.

During this season of Thanksgiving, give thanks for persons who have called your name, even if you weren’t aware of them doing so. When others call your name it is a way of acknowledging you… all of  your unique gifts, skills, and talents, which comprise your signature presence.

When others call your name, it is part of a larger pattern of recognizing the importance of an individual and the collective of which we’re all a part. It also recognizes our interconnectedness to one another and all of life, as well as our responsibility to care for one another and our planet.

As we’ve learned from so many cultures where hospitality and harmony are of utmost importance, I cannot exist with you, and you cannot exist with me. In many African cultures, this kind of innate interdependence is an aspect of the spirit of “Ubuntu.” 

When we deeply understand our interconnectedness, we understand the soul of leadership. In Western culture, we sometimes call this stance servant leadership.

As you prepare your heart for your Thanksgiving celebration, reflect on and count your blessings. Be sure to include persons who have come into your life – however briefly – who have extended a kindness to you… a loved one, a friend, or even a total stranger.

This week, take time to fill your heart with and reflect on these questions: Whose am I? Who supports me? Who do I belong to, and who belongs to me? Who has extended graciousness and blessings to me? Who do I extend graciousness and blessings to? Whose name will I call today?

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Gratitude is about giving thanks and appreciation. At its core, gratitude is about relationship, about our deep regard for the past, present, and future… and the people who offer us the gift of loving kindness*.

As you think about those who have come before you, give thanks, for you are in the place you are today because of their sacrifices, triumphs, struggles, and achievements. As stewards and guardians, they paved the road for you so you can live the life you do and enjoy its bounty. Celebrate them and allow yourself into that place of the eternal. Then reflect on how the path you walk, which began with your ancestors, will be a legacy for yourself… and pave the way for the future generations.

Take a moment to call or jot a note to an aunt, an uncle, your grandfather, or grandmother. Express your gratitude and your love.

* Deep gratitude to my sister, Vera, who took this lovely photo and gave me permission to post it here. Thanks also to my niece and mom, the young girl and elder in the photo, which Vera aptly calls “Heaven on Earth.”

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