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This holiday season, we are blessed once again by my daughter’s presence. Now that she has launched her career, we are even more grateful that she still delights in the simple pleasures of hanging out with me and her dad.

Last year about this time, I asked her what I should write about for my “Feel Good Tuesday” post. She said, “Oh, you should write about family—how wonderful it is to spend time with family members, the importance of appreciating one another, and sharing our love, especially older family members while they can still enjoy your presence.

Family matters. As I get older, I appreciate and celebrate family more and more.

On Christmas Eve, my husband, daughter, and I piled into the car and headed to Vancouver to see my mom, niece, and two younger sisters. We enjoyed a few joyous hours snuggled up on the sofa sharing stories and photos, catching up on each others’ lives, playing games, and dreaming about the year ahead.

Before my daughter returns home to Boston, we’ll gather around the fire, piece together several jigsaw puzzles, and take a few walks in the misty twilight. We might even round up our instruments to make music together, creating wonderful new holiday memories.

As you reflect on your holidays, may you be blessed with the warmth of family, blessed by love given and received.

Sending you and your loved ones Warm Blessings for a Joyous New Year.

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Still on the mend from my recent fall… so I’ve had even more time to think about bringing my life back into balance. Here’s one:

Work is work, not your life. With so many time-saving resources at our fingertips, it’s tempting to want to stay virtually connected simply because we can. To resist being seduced by technology, be intentional about creating a boundary between work and your precious leisure and personal time.

2 Friends in the Leaves

When you’re with your family and friends, connect with them not with your laptop or e-book reader. When you go for a walk, leave your cell phone in your office or at home. If you must have it with you, then turn your phone off. And be sure to.. smile with a child, toss some leaves in the air, and smell the roses.

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This holiday season, I give thanks for my daughter who at 24 still enjoys the simple pleasures of hanging out with me and her dad. Now in the last year of her graduate program, she didn’t think she’d be able to make it home from Boston this year for Christmas. By the grace of God, she did. And we’re delighted.

When I asked for her advice about my “Feel Good Tuesday post, she said, “Oh, you should write about family—how wonderful it is to see and spend time with family members. And the importance of appreciating and sharing our love for one another, especially older family members while they can still enjoy your presence.

I’m so grateful for the many evenings we’ve enjoyed snuggled around the fireplace, catching up on our lives, sharing stories and photos, playing games, or dreaming about the year ahead. Sometimes, we gather around the piano and sing… or we round up other instruments and play music together. I imagine other households and muse about the wonderful dreams being shared between moms and daughters, fathers and sons, brothers and sisters. The kind of dreams that connect one heart to another around the kitchen table and across the miles.

As you reflect on the holidays, I trust that the one gift you remember is the gift of family—the gift of giving and receiving love.

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During the past several weeks, I hit the pause button on my blog for some much-needed rest and relaxation. As you know, not too long ago I underwent surgery.  I was blessed to have a wonderful surgeon and care team. And being in the embrace of the Great Physician, I know I’m always in excellent hands.

Today, I’m delighted to report that I’m mending well and counting my blessings… BIG time… because today:

– It’s spring in the Pacific Northwest.

– There are so many flowers are already in bloom—lovely grape hyacinth, fragrant daffodils, forsythia, and early-blooming pink and purple rhododendrons. One of our earliest bloomers is aptly called Christmas Cheer!

– I went to the beach and witnessed wave after wave of deep-blue breakers fueled by a crisp, cold wind barreling down from Canada.

– I sing hallelujah and thank you!! I’m thrilled to be alive. Not only am I mending well, I’m richly blessed by so many wonderful folks in my life—my husband, daughter, mom, sisters, nieces, nephew, uncles, aunts, students, neighbors, clients, coworkers, and even total strangers… people who consistently make time in their busy day to call, send a note, say a prayer… to encourage me and lift me up. xoxo – I’m humbled and blessed that you’re in my life.

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One of my clients who travels 2 weeks each month makes being away from his family more bearable by writing his wife and each of his 3 children a thank you note for each day he’s away. He thanks his children for helping out with chores without being asked, for looking out for one another while he’s away, for taking time to call to chat about how their day is going. He thanks his wife for loving him even when he forgets to give the dog a bath or take the garbage out. He thanks them and counts his blessings, because he knows that when all is said and done, the things in life that count the most are family, friends, and place to come home to where you are cherished simply for being who you are.

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The 7 Sacred Promises are tools to help you in all areas of your life: your personal growth, relationships with loved ones and co-workers, raising healthy, happy children. The Sacred Promises are gratitude, faith, love, vision, integrity, creative action, and legacy.

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My family had great Christmases up until I was six years old.  We’d have Christmas trees coated in fake snow, and my mother would paint Christmas scenes on all the windows.  It was my favorite time of year.  On Christmas morning we’d open our presents, and then my brothers and I would go outside to compare toys with the neighbors.
After my sixth birthday, my parents became pretty serious drug addicts, and we barely had money for food, let alone Christmas presents.  (more…)

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