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What the world needs now is love in all of its diverse expressions—empathy, compassion, mercy, forgiveness, passion, gratitude, kindness. Who will you say “I love you” to today? What word of encouragement will you whisper in their ear? Who will you feed with your smile? What a difference love makes.

Here are just a few of our sisters and brothers who have made a difference through the power of love.

Tina Allen •  Ella Baker •  Josephine Baker  •  Mary McLeod Bethune •  John E. Fetzer •  Mary Jane Gillespie  • 
Dr. Eva Jessye  •  Jesus  •   Helen Keller  •   Coretta Scott King •  Denise Klein •  Abraham Lincoln  •   Dr. Wangari Maathai •  Nelson Mandela   •   Earnest McEwen, Jr. •  Michelle Obama •  Julieanna Richardson •  Albert Schweitzer •   Mother Teresa  •  Archbishop Desmond Tutu  •  Tamara Woodbury

Tell me, what difference is your love making today?

Pass It On!


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