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Welcome Spring! Sensual abundance. I feel very blessed to be coming back to my senses, especially since my fall just a few months ago.

So I’m counting my blessings. There are so many of them—greening trees, bulbs pushing forth from warming soil… more sun, wind and, rain… birdsong, children playing in the park. And less time in physical therapy. Talk about blessings!

I’ve been watching my step… and letting go of some things that no longer serve me well at this stage of my life. To help me prepare for new beginnings, I committed to one action each day, asking God, “How can you use me today?”  Each day, something new is being birthed.

May this Spring bring forth new beginnings for you and the people and places you love. And may your be blessed with great wealth–of gratitude, love, faith, compassion, forgiveness, and creativity.

Pass It On!


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