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While mending from my recent fall, I’ve had some time to think about bringing my life back into balance.  Here are a couple of them:

  • Set priorities and follow the energy of Yes! I often remind my students and clients that “priority” means main concern. Right  now, my main concern is my health. How liberating to have this kind of clarity. When I make choices, I just ask myself: will it boost my spiritual, physical, relational, and emotional health and well-being? The answer must be Yes!
  • Just say no. The idea of saying “no” can be tricky, so I decided to meet this challenge head-on. I made two lists—one of tasks and activities that gave me joy, satisfaction, and energy. I filled the other list with tasks and activities I no longer enjoy, tasks and people who sap my energy. When I looked at this list, I quickly realized that I could let go of many of these activities or delegate them to others. When we let go of the things that we no longer need to do or that no longer serve us, we open the door for activities that are meaningful and that bring us joy.

What will you do today to bring more joy into your life?

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Given the daily dose of dire and depressing economic news, it’s not surprising that we tend to feel somewhat depressed as well. The signs include low energy and a general sense of fatigue and inertia. To remedy these ill effects, here is a practical, can-do tip to help you rise above the gray clouds of our gloomy economy and restore a sense of balance and perspective.

  • Attitude is everything. What we pay attention to multiplies. So listen to the news if you must, but refuse to buy into the doom and gloom. Instead focus on what’s good in your life and share your good news with others—not in a boastful way, but simply and humbly. Focus on your blessings every day and you will rise above the noise and be on your way to beating the blahs so you can successfully get through the months ahead and be stronger as a result.

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Dare to Wear Your Soul on the Outside

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