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In a recent post, I mused about the vibrancy of community in Ghana… & the dearth of community here at home. Of course, the best kind of community is making the best of it no matter what the circumstance.

To Flourish: Gloria Burgess

At the moment, my husband & I are blessed to be in community with my father-in-law, caring for & ministering to him after undergoing 5-way bypass surgery. Our community also includes other family members, wonderful care givers, rehab specialists, kind neighbors, & the many, many friendships he has sustained through the years.

At 88-years young, he’s doing remarkably well. Hallelujah! Though he still has many months to a full recovery, my father-in-law’s good cheer, generosity of spirit, & positive outlook is wonderful reminder of what it means to flourish.

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Today we celebrate the letter B… for Brothers, babies, bells, bubbles, ballroom dancing, & beauty

Let’s celebrate the amazing Beauty of the season—autumn, which reminds me of brilliantly-colored leaves, barns, and bales of hay… & frosty mornings when you can see the brush of your breath as it lingers in the air.

Autumn Leaves

The truly wealthy are those who give until it feels good.

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