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As we say goodbye to 2009, we reflect on our many blessings with profound gratitude for family, friends, our sisters and brothers around the world, and this incredible blue marble we call home.

Looking ahead to the New Year, I trust that 2010 will bring you profound peace, courage, and joy.

How will you prepare for new beginnings, challenges, opportunities, and joys? As you reflect on these questions, I offer you this New Year’s blessing:

– May you enjoy abundance wherever you go.

– May your soul be lit with wonder and joy.

– May you devote yourself to whomever or whatever moves you.

– May you share your blessings at someone else’s table.

– May you delight in wearing your soul on the outside: be yourself, give back to others, and pass your blessings on to someone else along the way.

Have a Wondrous New Year!

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